Green pantry goes live

May 7, 2013 

I must say this has been a long and exciting week for the “green farmers”(that’s how we call ourselves). Our very first retail experience at B1-22 of 112 Katong Mall has been overwhelming,thanks for the support guys.
Our whole spice and seasoning dispenser was a hit. The concept of taking as much as you want was something new yet sensible to many of our patrons. You don’t need 80g of Cajun seasoning to cook for a family of four and to have it organic it would burn your wallet  with all those fancy packaging. Many mentioned that its so economical compared to those bottled seasoning  The best way to serve a customer right is to put yourself in their shoes.
Whole Spice Dispenser

Whole Spice Dispenser

seasonings Dispenser

Seasonings Dispenser


The patrons of 112 Katong are so diversified, and we  are still learning and trying to understand their requirements. I hope that our customers will patiently guide us in our teething stage. As a result of popular feedback on gluten free items, we have stocked up alot of it now.
Catch a glimpses of  our popular products

Organic India Teas Organic India Supplements

                      Organic India Teas                                                       Organic India Supplements

Beverage Section LA Organic- Spanish Olive Oils and Vinegar

                        Beverage Section                                             LA Organic- Spanish Olive Oils and Vinegar

Canaan Fair Trade- Infused Olive Oils, Olives and Cous Cous

Canaan Fair Trade- Infused Olive Oils, Olives and Cous Cous

Bye for now. Will keep you guys updated
Hope to see you at our outlet soon.