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Green Pantry At a Glance

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Green Pantry is an exquisite venture  that represents those who look  for a healthy culinary experience  in this bustling life, we want to be an extension to your pantry.

All we want to do is to get the best possible ingredients and food  that will keep us away from artificial food substance. In Green pantry you will find tasty yet healthy alternatives. Green pantry gestures a friendly  pat on your back rather than unhealthy stuff hitting your heart.  This place is more of an awareness than a traditional market place. Nevertheless, we would love some patronizations as well. 

Little Pantry with Big Heart

Over the years, we have made some good friends around the world by representing  our parent Azwa Healthcare. The journey that made us realize that there is more to strive and explore, we have earned respect and recognition along the way as an organic food distributor. Thus, we have decided to share our finding at our Little Pantry with you. Most of our partner are avid socially concerned companies  who are empowering farmers  society, people in need  and to liberate the oppressed communities. We honor these big hearts by sharing it with you.


Parent company AzwA Healthcare Pte Ltd is established in Singapore and Malaysia. AzwA dedicated in providing Organic products to it’s clients to ensure that every person we serve receives the best possible value for their well-being.


AzwA Healthcare Pte Ltd launched it’s online shop by targeting Asia pacific and International customers.


AzwA Healthcare Pte Ltd launched it’s online shop by targeting Singapore and Malaysia customers.


Our First outlet, Green Pantry , Little Pantry with a Big heart, officially opened in Singapore.

“Green Pantry means absolute commitment to quality. All our products are Organic, pure and natural, because you want the best for your family and so do we.”